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  • Mo Farid

Women in Aviation with Qantas and Airflite

Qorelink is proud to be in partnership with Airflite and Qantas for the Women in Aviation Careers day. We successfully hosted 100 girls to participate in our Girls in Aviation Day event that was held on Saturday, October 19th 2019. This year’s event will mark the 5th annual GIAD event, each year the events and attendees have grown larger and spread wider across the world – with the 2018 GIAD seeing over 15,200 attendees across 15 countries. The event was held at Airflite’s Perth hangar (26 Newton Rd, Perth Airport WA 6105), with our vision for the event/day is to see a several company’s featuring different aircraft while also showcasing a variety of job roles within the aviation industry.

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