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Flying Planes

In the cockpit

Moray Farid (Mo)

Chief Executive Officer

Mo started his early career as an Electrical & Mechanical Engineer with a focus on IT and Smart Solutions. After obtaining his MBA he moved to strategic planning and change management where he worked alongside CEOs of large corporations in banking, finance and real estate across the globe, helping them formulate and achieve their vision.


At Qorelink, he has developed a programme for education leadership around IT change management, using lean methodologies. The programme delivered exceptional results with schools reporting increased efficiency and management workflow. Mo finds extreme joy at improving efficiencies in all businesses and he incorporates it in his IT and strategic solutions. Mo is a commercial pilot and enjoys flying to clients across WA. 

Mo Farid photo

Zhi Lu (Luz)

Technical Director 

Luz is an enthusiastic leader with more than 14 years of experience planning, leading and improving ICT functions in a world-leading metal-cutting tool company. He has an exceptional strategic ability in developing policies, and managing IT-related activities and projects. Luz has worked in 3 different continents and he enjoys being part of a multi-cultural team. When Luz visits your site you will experience an immediate notable improvement - he is the Expert.

Zhi Lu photo

Rowley Walsh 

Pilot / IT Support 

Rowley is a well accomplished pilot and IT technician. He gets the job done with extreme calm and coolness. His productivity and diligence impresses clients and his colleagues the same! 


Will Ostrick

Pilot / IT Support 

The real life James Bond! Will can fix your IT whilst flying a plane and then jumping out from it with his Wing suit to land in a remote place. When he lands he will build his own workshop using whatever material he can put his hands on!  No challenge is too big for Will. 

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