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AB3D K-12 2D design to 3D Print

AB3DLabs is a Swiss company, that specialises in innovations and 3D design software, to facilitate 3D printing. AB3DLabs develops educational 3D STEM-based Curricula, for K-12 training courses, and the public. AB3DLabs owns a patent that enables unique simplicity and unprecedented ease of its programs.

  • Introducing a new approach, or a new alphabet 3D design, that is easy to learn and simple to use.

  • It provides a platform for 3D education and 3D printing at schools.

  • Democratising 3D modelling with simple software and builds upon it gradually to an advanced level software.

AB3D Demo

AB3D is not just a 3D design software, it is also a learning tool, for those who do not quite understand, three dimensional. By sketching on the three faces of a cube, or using the front/side/top view modelling, users can learn, how 3D objects are created out of 2D shapes.

AB3D Demo - 3D App

Students can immediately transform, 2D shapes into 3D  objects at a click of a button. Users can also easily toggle between modelling ​views for greater flexibility and understanding of 2D objects in a 3D world

AB3D Demo - 3D App

AB3D is compatible with all known 3D printers and materials, eliminate the pain of 3D print with our custom software objects are ready to print at the click of a button.

Qorelink is the sole partner in Australia and the qualified IT consultants to get you setup and printing all the wonderful creative objects

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