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While other technology companies employ set solutions for ongoing support, we listen to our customers' needs and work with them to fit the right technology to suit adequate requirements based on your needs.


As the saying goes "knowledge is key" so at Qorelink Technology we strive to provide you with the confidence and knowledge required to manage and maintain your systems, minimising the need to call on external support.


With our experience in the education and commercial sectors, we understand your frustrations, and we work with you to identify and provide the guidance you need to resolve your problems. 


With change comes resistance, let us help your team move forward in confidence assisted by our expert people change managers.


Our Services

ICT Integration Assessments

With our ICT assessment, we can quickly and effectively assess areas of concern within your environment, and provide informed bespoke recommendations for resolution.

CBD & Regional

We service the metro area, but we do love a challenge. Our team specialises in reaching our most remote communities. No site is too far to receive the support it deserves.
Feel free to call us for more information on our Remote Site Services. 

ICT Planning

Are you the person that looks at your future planning for ICT, and just get that sinking feeling?Don't worry! We are here to help you with all your ICT planning needs and save you some sanity at the same time.

Get to Know Us


  • We can conduct business in 6 languages

  • We fly approx 192,000 miles in WA every year

  • ​We ate 300 pot noodles in 2019 

Cloud Solutions

In the age of cloud-based solutions, there are times where off the shelf products just won't cut it. We can help you identify your requirements and business workflow​s, as well as designing the right solution for you and your organisation.

Virtual Reality to 3D Printing

We specialise in these two fields and we can even show you how to print your virtual reality creation on your very own 3D printer!

We are the only licensed reseller of the high-quality Swiss made Dremel 3D Printer.

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