VR Integration

At Qorelink, we develop and provide ICT programs, for schools who wish to utilises VR for students, to develop general capabilities, critical thinking, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Students can immerse themselves, into many different environments. This allows students to gain a deeper understanding of classroom content.  We incorporate various off the shelf applications, that allow students to use their imagination, to create a new world.

We work directly with your staff, to link the VR world, to whole-school based programs, and individual class projects. Our solutions are designed to complement existing classroom activities. 

Virtual Reality demo

Create and explore your creations in Virtual Reality (VR) from AB3d, Sketch-Up and Clay Sculpting, the possibilities are endless.​

Virtual Reality demo

Students can now explore the world around us from the microscopic to the known universe.​

Flight sim VR demo

Virtual Reality (VR), provides students with real-world simulation opportunities, from driving, sailing and flight\space simulation.